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Three Key Home Design Must-Haves

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Building a custom home is ideal for many homeowners because it allows them to create a home design that makes sense for their lifestyle and family needs. If you’re thinking about your home design as you plan to build a custom home, there are three key aspects that you’ll want to include before you break ground on new construction.

Three Key Home Design Must-Haves

1. Flow – While many homes have designated areas for the different parts of daily life, how you get from one area to the other is an important part of home design. Determining which areas should be connected, how to provide access between rooms, and the placement of each living space on each level will make such a difference in the outcome of your home design.

2. Function – Something that can sometimes be difficult for homeowners when they are planning their home design is the visualization of how each room must function. For example, how do you plan to access the refrigerator in relationship to the sink in the kitchen, or how will you access the laundry room from the bedrooms or mudroom? Thinking through which rooms need connection due to their function will enhance your home design greatly.

3. Storage – With any custom home design, it’s recommended that you plan to incorporate more storage than you think you need. This includes how you want to map your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as bedroom storage, laundry and mudrooms, and garage and outdoor living storage areas.

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