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Top Five Home Design Styles

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When looking to choose a type of home design, the varieties are nearly endless. Whatever style you choose, your home’s design should combine functionality with your personal aesthetic.

Top Five Home Design Styles

Here are five popular home design styles:

  1. Mid-century Modern: This type of home design style was originally built between the 1940s and 1980s and includes elements like flat planes and split levels. These homes merge their interior and exterior spaces with large windows and sliding glass doors.
  2. Contemporary: Contemporary homes place an emphasis on clean lines, functionality, and sustainability. These abodes often center around energy-efficient design elements, the use of eco-conscious materials, and access to abundant natural light.
  3. Ranch: The ranch home design style is categorized by its single-story, asymmetrical structure. These homes often form an “L” or “U” shape and focus on connecting indoor and outdoor living – this is usually achieved with sliding glass doors that allow access to the backyard.
  4. Colonial: These types of homes are known for their rectangular shape and symmetrical features. Characteristics like a side-gabled roof, centered front door, and evenly proportioned windows, columns, and chimneys are typical of colonial home design.
  5. Craftsman: The classic craftsman and bungalow styles emerged during the early 1900s and are defined by exterior attributes like thick columns, stone porch supports, low roofs, and the use of natural materials. Inside, craftsman homes can usually be found with exposed beams, fireplaces, and open floor plans.

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