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What You Should Know About Custom Homes

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One of the most common reasons why families decide to consider custom homes instead of an existing one or pre-designed blueprint is that it is often the only way to have the perfect home. What if you didn’t have to compromise on anything? Can you imagine the joy of your new home fitting you and your family in every way? Some naysayers will say that there is no such thing as the perfect home, but with careful planning and working with a passionate and experienced builder of custom homes, it is totally doable! Here are a few things you should know about custom homes so that you are totally enamored with your new home.

Reasons to Consider Custom Renovations

  • Plan for Now and The Future– Obviously you don’t have a crystal ball to tell you how things could change down the road, but you can and should consider your future plans and goals as they stand now. This is not to say that you have to build a multi-bedroom home right off the bat because you are planning to have or adopt several children, but you should discuss this with your builder so that a floorplan can be devised that allows for at least some expansion later.
  • Plan to Spend Time Planning– It is normal to be anxious to get started and get into your home as soon as possible. However, if you truly want the perfect home, you’ll need to put in the time to decide exactly what that looks like. Ask your builder about other custom homes they’ve built, attend every open house you can for inspiration, and browse websites and magazines, all while taking careful notes about things you loved and things you didn’t.
  • Choose Property Carefully– Once you have settled at least on the size of the home you want built, ask your builder how large of a property you need and any other attributes it should have to accommodate what you plan to have built. It is also advantageous to choose a neighborhood where custom homes are common and come in around the same price range as what you are planning. Having the smallest, lowest priced home or the most lavish one in a neighborhood can adversely affect your resale value.

If you would like to know more about custom homes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Zar Custom Homes. Whether you are dreaming of a mid-century modern home, a classic craftsman, a modern farmhouse, or any other style at all, our team will work with you through all of the details from start to finish to make your dream a reality.