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Function & Flow: Two Interior Design Must-Haves

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When many people are looking at a luxury home design, the end result is what they have in mind. With any interior design, having the right kind of furniture and planning how the accents and décor come together is important for the finished product. What many people don’t expect is that there are two critical components of any interior design that are required to make all those finishing touches come together: function and flow.

Function & Flow: Two Interior Design Must-Haves


Interior design is much more than the use of luxury fabrics and the proper placement of artwork. A great interior design specialist will want to incorporate functional pieces into a room that are not only beautiful but also work for the space.

For example, if you have a custom home design that includes an open-concept living room and kitchen, an interior design specialist will use furniture in the living room that functions as seating for family and guests while also creating the image of room separation between living and cooking areas. Furthermore, the arrangement of furniture in the living room must allow for conversation and comfort, with the idea that conversations can be easily had between living and cooking areas as desired.


Think of the flow of a room as the way in which rooms are accessed and the way in which one might navigate throughout a room. Interior design must take into consideration the accessibility of each area of a room as it pertains to function, as well as how one room connects to another.

For example, if you have a large family that is often coming and going from the home, having an oversized laundry area just off the primary entryway can help the space be more practical and easier to access. Another example might be the placement of a powder room or bathroom next to the front door so guests can more easily make themselves comfortable during a visit.

When you work with our experienced team at Zar Custom Homes, we’ll make sure that you enjoy both the function and flow of your custom home design. Contact us today to discuss your luxury home ideas.