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Let the Sun Shine In When Designing Your Dream Home

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When looking at floor plans for a new home or even designing your own custom home, there’s one thing that can be difficult to envision: the windows. On a flat piece of paper, they are just a slight modification to the exterior wall, but in reality, they can be anything from a small window to floor-to-ceiling windows. That’s why it is important to look at the other pages of the blueprints – the ones that show the front, sides, and back views rather than just looking down on the home. Here’s where you’ll be able to tell if your dream home is going to have sufficient sunshine or feel more like a dungeon.

Let the Sun Shine In When Designing Your Dream Home

It is rare for someone to think a home has too many windows, except maybe when it comes time to clean them. However, it is well worth it to enjoy natural sunlight throughout your home, as well as enjoy the views. Provided you choose energy-efficient windows, you can actually save on energy costs because you won’t need to turn on lights during the day.

Windows can be an amazing focal point in any room and give you plenty of options for window treatments to enhance that effect. Don’t worry about utilizing custom windows, as any interior designer can help you with custom treatments for them.

One of the aspects of your custom dream home that we’ll take time with here at Zar Custom Homes is choosing windows. We’ll go over how many, what type, and placement so that you can gain all the natural light that will make your dream home everything you imagine it can be. Call today to get started or with any questions you might have.