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Four Questions to Ask Home Building Contractors

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If you’re planning on a major home construction project, you want the right people by your side to assist you through the process. When deciding between home building contractors, it’s important to ask relevant questions to determine who will best fit your needs and actualize your vision.

Four Questions to Ask Home Building Contractors

Here are four things you’ll want to know about your contractor:

  1. What is your experience? Home building contractors will vary in their overall background and areas of expertise. Inquire about your potential contractor’s experience to get an idea of their level of proficiency, the types of jobs they excel at, and their process.
  2. Can you provide references? Having an understanding of the types of projects home building contractors have completed will allow you to gauge if their skill set can achieve your dream. Browse over your potential contractor’s testimonials to assess their strengths, the quality of their work, and the overall experience that clients have.
  3. Are you licensed? You’ll have peace of mind throughout the home building process knowing that your contractor won’t put you or their workers at risk. At Zar Custom Homes, we hold an unlimited building license in both North Carolina and South Carolina.
  4. Do you offer warranties? The right home building contractors will have confidence in the quality of their workmanship and provide warranties on their completed projects. Our company has partnered with 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty to offer a 10-year warranty on all our new homes.

If you’re looking for a home building contractor, call or email us at Zar Custom Homes. We are determined to find the best solution for your home building needs!